Translations and Transcreations

Legal documents require translations that ensure the meaning-for-meaning message, while marketing documents often need to be transcreated or adjusted to reflect the language and jargon of your target country and audience.


Review and Editing of Previously Translated Material

The American Translators Association guidelines mandate that translators translate ONLY into their native tongue. Allow us to review your previously translated material to ensure that proper grammar, syntax and colloquialisms have been properly translated following US-English style guides.


Editing of Pre-publication Documents Written by English-as-a-Foreign Language Writers

We will carefully edit your pre-publication document following the Chicago or APA  Style  guides depending on your needs and your publisher’s guidelines. Following document review, we will recommend proof-reading or content editing. 


Website Localization

Osbern Translations can provide localization of your website, adapting it to the American market. We can also review your current English-language pages, correcting syntax, grammar and style to ensure your French content is appropriate for your target audience. We’ll work from your Word, html, xfl or proxy tool.


Whether your needs are for film, documentaries, TV episodes or professional presentations, we'll help you capture the meaning and nuance in every scene. Reading grade level can be adjusted for your audience. Style and vocabulary will match the style of your filmography. 

Watch Episodes Here

Watch Episodes Here


A French Village

Season 7, Episode 3, A Splash of Wine

Roni Osbern partnered with a subtitling firm to complete the French to English subtitles in this episode. “As my mom lived in Swindon, England, during WWII, and I was raised hearing stories of black-outs and bombing raids, it truly was an honor to work on this program.” Read more about the series in The Conversation article from Sept. 20, 2015.



Healthcare Systems

Osbern Translations has been advising hospital systems for over ten years. We can review or develop your Language Service Department, providing compliance guidance with:

  • Joint Commission

  • ACA 1557 Regulations

  • Title VI

  • ADA Guidelines


Translation Department Development

Osbern Translations provides guidance to start-up and established LSPs that are expanding into Translation Services. Using the right tools from the start allows you to save money, charge competitve rates, and maintain margins. We advise on:

  • Choosing CAT tools

  • Website translation tools

  • The right CRM for your practice

  • Developing project management best practices


Language Services

We partner with industry experts for additional translation services.

  • Language pairs in any direction

  • Interpreting

  • Closed-captioning

  • Braille